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Young dynamic and unsuccessful!
No that is not a fitting description.
We have been working in Data Processing since 1964.


Operating In those days we had Electro Mechanics and Tubes.
We used wires to program machines.
Customer Engineer
We were still using Electro Mechanics.
The transistor is being used in modern machines.
Computer Engineer We were still using Punched Cards but had Transistors.
We could assemble programs and load programs from punched cards. We could store data in random access storage, 4 kilobyte in a module as small as a couple of bricks. Later we had tapes and some modern machines had random access storage. The most modern machines used integrated circuit chips.
Periferal Engineer We had disks and tapes. We could store 50 Megabyte of data on a disk as small as a car wheel. We could write 800 bits per inch on open reel tapes.
Computer Specialist Computers are getting smaller and punched cards are rare. Disks are still the size of car wheels but they can store 200 Megabyte. We have MODEMs and computers are trying to talk to each other.
Communications Specialist Computers have terminals attached where people can enter data directly from their desk, they have a Video Display Unit and a Keyboard on their desk. People sitting miles away from the computer can enter data.
System Engineer

It is becoming normal that computers communicate with each other. We are making our first steps towards email with users on different computers writting messages to each other.

Later IBM invented the desk top computer or at least they put three letters on a very small computer. This was the day that the home computer died and the personnal computer was born.

Computer Consultant The LAN was born and we could have many devices communicating over the same cable.
Network Consultant

We have the LAN and now the WAN.

Everybody knew the best telephone numbers to get drivers and programs from a Bullitin Board.

Bill Gates invented WINDOWS.

Novell invented File Servers.

The Internet is there.

Citrix built a Terminal Server but the users wanted their computer on or under their desk, sharing a computer with others is old fashioned.

Projekt Manager

Hardware is cheap.

Most software comes from Bill Gates.

Service is important.